At Motif, we believe it's imperative that there be a centralized knowledge base for your qualitative research. This research creates and retrieves some of the most valuable and impactful information to businesses. For most organizations, it's difficult to index, structure, and share this information. These are the central features of a study inside the Motif Studies product. 

Put more simply: a study is a repository for all of the qualitative insights your gathered for a given project or research endeavor.


Every study created is automatically indexed and available for your entire organization to access via search. You can find what's most relevant to you based on the name of the study, the study goal and plan, and any of the qualitative data inside of the study like transcriptions.


A study has some associated metadata and features that make it easy to conduct qualitative research and later review your learnings. 

Study status: You can set a study to 1 of 2 statuses in Motif; In-progress or Complete. These statuses signal to others in the organization what to expect from the data inside the study, and give you a simplified workflow. 

Study goal: It's important to define upfront what the purpose and scope are of a given research endeavor. The study goal allows you to define what you're hoping to accomplish or learn within a study. 

Study plan: There are times when a researcher's methods are pretty easy to understand just by looking at what they've asked, and the questions they've gotten back. There are also times when it's essential to understand how the study was conducted— and why it was conducted in that way. The study plan allows you to document how you plan to execute a study, the methods you'll use, what questions you anticipate you might ask, etc. You can use it an ongoing document to capture key insights and strategic changes in direction. 


As we discussed earlier, every study in Motif is automatically accessible to every member of your organization via search. You can also invite relevant team members to collaborate and work with you inside of the study. With this "Collaborator" access they'll be able to edit study details, distribute surveys, review responses, and create highlights.

That's an overview of the key characteristics and features of a study. We're confident you'll find increasing value from this feature the longer you use Motif, and house more and more qualitative insights here. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback. 

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