Are you feeling a tad lonely in that study all by yourself? We get it. You can invite your colleagues to work with you in a study, but adding them as a collaborator.

We'll walk you through some of the basics with study collaborators, and how to add them to a study. 

Who can be a study collaborator

In order for a colleague to be added as a collaborator on your study — they need to have been invited to Motif by an account admin or the account owner. You won't be able to invite a new user directly from the study collaborators section.

As long as they're an invited user inside of Motif, you can invite them to any study you've created or are currently collaborating on. 

What permissions do they have? 

A collaborator will be able to do the following inside of the study: 

  1. Edit study details (E.g. Study name, study goal, study plan)
  2. Invite other collaborators to the study
  3. Create and setup surveys (Survey name, due date, and optional reward)
  4. Create and edit survey questions
  5. Delete a survey
  6. Distribute surveys to participants
  7. Review survey responses
  8. Submit response feedback to participants
  9. Distribute payouts to participants
  10. Create survey highlights and highlight reels
  11. Access participant analytics

What CAN'T they do? 

A collaborator is unable to: 

  1. Move the status of a study to complete
  2. Delete a study

Inviting a collaborator

  1. Navigate to the settings tab inside of your study
  2. Scroll down to the "Study Collaborators" card
  3. Search for the name of the colleague you'd like to add as a collaborator
  4. Click on the "Invite to study" button on the row where their name is populated

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