We want to feel like you're in the know! We also realize that there's a lot of digital services competing for your attention these days. With that in mind, you're able to customize the email notifications you'll receive from Motif.

Here's a brief overview of the notifications we send: 

Account Notifications

  1. Notify me if my access to a study changes: Motif will send you an email if you're added or removed as a collaborator on a study. 
  2. Notify me with occasional updates about Motif's products: Motif will send you periodic updates about feature enhancements and product launches. 

Study Notifications

  1. Notify me anytime a participant starts a survey: If one of your research participants begins responding to one of your surveys we will alert you. This one is turned off by default, but some people really enjoy the visibility into their participant's experience.
  2. Notify me anytime a participant submits a survey: When your research participant has recorded all their answers, and taps "Submit for review"  we will alert you that you have a new response ready for you in Motif. 
  3. Notify me when this study is archived or marked as complete: Anytime the status of a study changes that you're currently a collaborator on , we will send you a notification. 
  4. Notify me anytime a collaborator is added: Anytime a new collaborator is added to a study that you're currently a collaborator on, we will send you a notification. 

Changing Notification Preferences

  1. Navigate to Settings by clicking on your avatar in the top right portion of the global navigation, and selecting the "Settings" menu item. 
  2. Click on the "Notifications" tab
  3. Select or de-select the specific notifications you're looking for. 

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