We want you to be able to share your opinions with our partners, and be rewarded for doing so as soon possible. We'll walk you through how to record your answer inside the Motif mobile app, and what the characteristics are for a perfect answer. 

The qualities of a great answer

  1. Sound: We will periodically ask you to do a sound check to make sure you're in an environment conducive to answering questions. But it's best to make sure you're in a quiet place where you can speak freely. 
  2. Lighting: Make sure you're in a bright, front lit, environment. 
  3. Context: Do your best to not only directly answer the question, but help us understand why, your attitude towards the subject matter, and any other details that would be helpful to understanding your views and opinions. 

How to record an answer

First: Select a question to answer, and tap "Add a response"

Second: Read the question, and tap the red record button

Third: When you're done recording, tap the square red button. You can playback your recording, and if you're comfortable with it move onto your next question by tapping "Finish". 

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